A Bad Hair Day

bad hair day

A bad hair day? Ugh…We’ve all been there. For many people, though, a bad hair day isn’t just a minor hassle for few minutes in the morning but does affect mood and possibly even productivity throughout the day. And, we feel so strongly about this, we decided to start a business that focuses on removing all barriers that exist to getting the right service and product for the right person at the right time – anytime. Now, let’s talk about some relevant research regarding the effects of bad hair.

Indeed, bad hair days are so dreaded by women that Procter & Gamble Co., the world’s biggest consumer product company, put them at the center of reinventing one of its brands.

Scientists at P & G, with help from a Yale psychology professor, surveyed women, before and after using shampoo products, using a questionnaire that psychology researchers use to measure mood. They found women felt less “hostile,” “ashamed,” “nervous,” “guilty” or “jittery,” depending on the hair products they used, while at other times they said they felt more “excited,” “proud” and “interested.”

“This allows us to understand what people mean when they talk about ‘bad hair,’“ says Marianne LaFrance, the Yale psychology professor who analyzed the P&G test data.

Bad hair is a touchy subject. Women blame the weather, a bad haircut or a bad night’s sleep – although damaged, unhealthy hair is a big factor in bad hair, too.  Meanwhile, according to an EVVEMI survey earlier this year, some 75% of women say they feel they don’t want to leave the house on a bad hair day.

We took a closer look at some of the emotions some individuals reported feeling — especially “attentive.” “If people are having a good hair day, do they focus more on what they’re doing?” It raised a lot of interesting questions we need to consider on the power of a good hair day. A new post will be coming on this topic for sure!

Yes, I know hair may seem like a trivial subject to post about, however (and as P&G spent a lot of money to research) hair is a big deal for many women – and men, too. Readers, does uncooperative hair affect your mood? How does having great hair make you feel?  Does your hair’s appearance affect your level of productivity? Have you found a solution for a low-maintenance, yet professional, daily style?

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