Kaia Gerber Proves that Shaggy Hair is Back

kaia gerber, shaggy hair

Kaia Gerber and her famous mother, Cindy Crawford, are practically twins (minus the infamous mole).  The young up and coming model is filling her mother’s shoes quite nicely as she has the same talent and drive.  Kaia has naturally beautiful beach waves.  When she opted to change her look for the summer, she ended up with the trendiest haircut yet.

The shaggy haircut has been inching its way back into the beauty scene.  Farrah Fawcett was known for her hair back in the 1970s.  Like most trends, it would only be a matter of time when that style will come back to flood our streets again.  Layered and feathered hair has broken its way back onto the Hollywood scene.

Kaia headed to celebrity hairstylist and Ouai Haircare founder Jen Atkin to revive the Farrah Fawcett inspired haircut.  Retro hairstyles are not a thing of the past.  With the right pair of scissor and talent, hair is modernized with a reminiscent twist.  Though polyester suits will not make a comeback, it is inevitable that some trends are simply timeless.  If you thought that you should leave the past in the past, well, hair is another story.

Check out EVVEMI’s celebrity stylists to get some serious hair inspiration like Jen Atkins.  Who knows?  You could find yourself on top of the next haircut trend.  It’s as easy as being matched up with the right artist.

shaggy hair

With any haircut, consult your EVVEMI matched stylist before making any drastic changes.  Because all of the layers needed to achieve this look, have your hairdresser close flat closer to your face.  You might want the shag but not the volume like Farrah Fawcett.

The shaggy haircut is here.  This is the new hair trend that will be hitting the streets like “The Rachel” back in the 90’s.  Grab the shears and let’s get snipping.

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