Mattel’s Ken Doll Gets a Makeover

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Move over Barbie, it’s Ken’s turn to shine!

Last week, Mattel released a new line of Ken dolls who matched their updated female counterparts.  They introduced 15 new dolls in three different body types, seven skin tones, and nine hairstyles including the now infamous man-bun.  Ken has been rocking the same style for over 60 years, it was about time he caught up with the times.

Man-Bun Ken has received a lot of attention after his release.  His kale eating, beach going facade raised quite a few emotions ranging from love to rage.  Though the broad-shouldered doll is an improvement, some people think more body types could be represented.  Others wish they had the opportunity have one of these culturally diverse dolls when they were younger.

Last year, Mattel rolled out with its “Fashionistas” line that included Barbie now available in tall, curvy and petite along with new skin tones and hairstyles.  The company saw double-digit growth since its roll-out.  Mattel’s sales fell 13 percent this quarter and are hoping the new line will revive their brand just as Barbie did last year.

“We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation”, said Mattel’s Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and general manager, Barbie, said in a press release.  McKnight says the new Ken, “allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

Barbie announced the new addition to the “Fashionistas” line in a tweet on June 20th  with the hashtag #TheDollEvolves.

On average, kids have one Ken doll per seven Barbies according to The Wall Street Journal. 

Ten of the 15 dolls were released last week.  The remaining will show up on retail shelves throughout the fall.

Mattel also disclosed they will be rolling out with 25 additional diverse Barbie dolls this year.

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