Short Hair, Don’t Care – Men, Take a Seat.

For centuries, men have expressed that they DO NOT like short hair on women. Women are supposed to have long hair, they say. Many men claim that women are sexier and more feminine with long hair. But guess what, men? IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Yeah, back before the early 1900s, it may have been customary for women to never cut their hair short. That was the perceived gender role and no one ever questioned it. But now, we’re in the day and age where women DO cut their hair short, and they do it for themselves. So men, please sit down and STFU.

Celebs such as Cara Delevigne, Emma Watson, Katy Perry, and Anne Hathaway, to name a few, are sporting pixie cuts. With the recent influx of the trend, more and more women are tempted to chop off their long locks and go short. The trend is edgy, easy to take care of, and perfect for women on the go, so why not?

Personally, as a woman, I’ve always admired women who cut their hair short. I loved the way it looked on them, because they looked so edgy and cool – possessing a sort of aura that not everyone could pull off. Women who have short hair are just as beautiful as a women with long, flowing hair, but many men, on the other hand, don’t share the same sentiment. But hey, who said that we really care about that? Women aren’t meant to follow what a man wants, since it is our hair, our style, and our decision.

Men’s Thoughts

As a woman who has cut her hair fairly short, I can reiterate how men respond to it. When I cut my hair short, the men in my life would respond by saying,”oh, it’s short,” and nothing else.  They definitely weren’t ecstatic by the look of it whatsoever. With long hair, it’s a different story – men respond much more enthusiastically, and they always spoke about how smooth and soft my hair looked. I mean, in a way, it’s kind of odd that some men have such a strong fascination to long hair, but evolutionarily, I would say it makes sense.

Men have always been drawn to longer hair in women because on an evolutionary level, it indicates youthfulness, meaning a higher fertility rate and better health. This means the ability to have healthier children. In a way, it’s similar to women who desire men that are taller. Taller men equal better genes for their offspring, which is the evolutionary reason as to why women prefer tall men.

Furthermore, men have always grown up accustomed to seeing women figures with long hair. Chances are, their mothers had long hair at some point in their life. Their sisters probably had long hair as well. Even as children, in cartoons, most of the female characters possessed long, beautiful hair. Just look at Rapunzel. Barbies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, the Disney Princesses – they all had long hair. It was rare for men to see women with short hair as they grew up, so it was always something they were accustomed to.

One of the biggest reasons men like long hair on women? The femininity. Men perceive women with long hair to be more womanly. Women with short hair are thought of as more masculine – and often, high powered women cut their hair short to be more highly respected, which is another problem in itself. (Read: Beautiful, “Dumb” Blondes – Why Do We Allow the Stereotype?) Women who have long hair usually spend time taking care of it, purchasing expensive product for it, dying it different colors, doing treatments on them – and men like women who take care of themselves. Now, of course, we  agree that women who have short hair take care of themselves as well. For men though, it’s just not that obvious.

What We Think

Hell, if you are a woman and want to get a short haircut, go for it. The EVVEMI team definitely wants for women to feel confident and embrace whatever decision they want. If that means short hair even though the men around you may not like it, all the more power to you. We want to inspire women (and men) to always experiment with new looks and styles.

A short look on a woman just speaks to a woman’s confidence – the fact that she’s not afraid to try something that many people might hate. It shows that she has style, and she’s not afraid to show it. Short hair on a woman plays up her features and shows off her beautiful face, something that is bold.

Women today are not taught to listen quietly to men. We’re taught to speak up and have a voice and opinion. Your haircut is a part of you, but doesn’t define all of who you are. In the 21st century, gender boundaries within the realm of fashion have become incredibly muddy. Men walk around with ponytails and man buns, so hey, a woman can DEFINITELY style up a short cut.

So what about you? What do you think about short haircuts on women? If you’re looking to make a change on your hair, visit our EVVEMI website to be matched with someone in our premier network! Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!


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