Gray Coverage: How to Master It

When we’re younger, the thing we want to do most is grow up. We want to wear make-up, wear heels, dress up, do our hair crazy colors because our moms wouldn’t let us, go on dates, etc. Now we’re here…older, wearing heels (man, do they hurt!), wearing make-up (I better not breakout this weekend), and of course…coloring my hair. Not the crazy fun colors though…my grays. Not only does the process stink, but it’s time consuming. Not to mention, they’re stubborn! UGH, what do I do to make them not so stubborn? EVVEMI’s got you covered, keep on reading girlfriend!

Gray hair usually does have a personality of its own, one we don’t really understand and is extremely uncooperative. Usually grays are a little more coarse than non-gray hair, which makes it more color resistant. Heres 5 gray tips that should help you out when coloring (at home, or in the salon).

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 8.18.50 AMFor Starters..

Start on the areas that are the most gray/resistant to color. If you feel the color at your temples is slightly more resistant than the grays near the back of your ears, start at the temples! This will allow the color to sit on those areas longer, which means more penetration.

Try again!

Once you’ve colored your roots completely, go back for a second round! Often times it isn’t that your grays/your clients grays are resistant, it’s just that you missed a spot (it’s fine, we all do it). You can go back right away, or let the color process for about 25 minutes, then go back. Fully saturating your grays is the key.


Before coloring, take a little bit of 20-volume developer and apply (alone) to your resistant areas. This will allow the cuticle to open up a bit more, more willing to take the color.

We know we know, life gets crazy, work, the kids, etc. It’s important to stick to a hair coloring schedule. Coloring on time, and more often will allow the texture of your grays to change, meaning they will be more susceptible to hair color.


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