Tricks for Healthy Hair Growth

One of the worst feelings ever is going through that phase where it doesn’t feel as if your hair is growing at all. We’re deep conditioning, not styling our hair, letting it air dry, but still..nothing. No worries! EVVEMI’s got you covered with 4 tips and tricks to get your hair back up to its maximum growing speed.

1.Hair cuts

Everyone knows this, but we have to repeat ourselves. Keep your ends trimmed! When hair splits at the ends, it must be cut off. Other wise, it continues to split up the hair shaft, cause hair to get shorter and shorter and shorter. We’re trying to avoid that, right? Keep your ends trimmed to ensure that your hair is not splitting constantly, so that we can achieve the growth you’re looking for.

2. Taking Vitamins

Yes, it’s important for our hair to feel good on the outside. But what’s on the inside is what counts (I know, I hate when my mom gave me this boy advice too). It’s extremely important to feed your hair what it needs to specifically grow. Popular ones to take are Biotin (Vitamin B7) and Collagen pills (Vitamin C). Others we also recommend are Vitamin A, which helps produce the the bodies natural oils. Niacin, which helps the body convert food into energy. We recommend seeing your primary care physician beforehand to ensure you aren’t allergic to the product.

3. Healthy Diet

We know, you hate this one too, but it’s so true. Eating out is not 100% bad, but it’s definitely up there. Feeding yourself the proper foods, fruits, and vegetable is important to help keep your hair full of luster and shine. Come on, you can do it!

4. Rinsing with cold water

In the salon it’s said that the best way to rinse and keep hair shiny is rinse with water that is cold. Rinsing with cold water allows the cuticle to close, reflect light, and shine. This is essential for your hair to look healthy from the outside.

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